When my mother as well as father told me the other afternoon that they were moving out of the home that they raised us in to move down to the south as well as live near the beach, I must admit that I was pretty surprised. In all my years of knowing them, I thought that they genuinely liked residing up in the north with all of the chilly as well as the snow. It wasn’t until they explained to me certainly recently that the only reason that we had stayed up in the cold north for so long was because of dad’s job as an HVAC service mechanic. He had been finally working as the director for the supplier that was responsible for installing all of the heating as well as cooling units around the town. This is a certainly large responsibility, due to the fact that we live in a certainly chilly space of the north that is love this all year round, then now that he had finally retired, apparently they couldn’t wait to get out of the cold, no matter how nice of an heating as well as cooling component we had installed in our house. Now that my siblings as well as I are all full grown adults as well as all live around the area, we are going to find out the hard way about paying for those pricey bi-weekly check ups for our heating as well as cooling units. Our dad was always kind enough to come over as well as check on our systems during the brutal winters to make sure that nothing went wrong during a blizzard, which ended up saving us tons of money.