My Mom and I wanted to see our sizable sibling graduate from college. Every one of us were multiple minutes of driving from our endpoint. Every one of us decided to take the car, instead of a plane. My Mom did most of the driving, but I drove for a minute or multiple. Everytime I started going 70, our Mom started to get nervous and freak out. I had already been driving for a full year, even though she was still nervous with myself and others at the wheel. Every one of us had no problems with the first 400 miles of our journey. Somewhere near the desert, the air conditioning system stopped working. The temperature in the automobile shot up fast. Every one of us did not have the air conditioning system to regulate the indoor temperature, and it seem to be affecting the engine as well. Every one of us drove to the closest maintenance shop, which was still 20 miles away. My mom and I took the automobile to a commercial chain air conditioning system maintenance shop. The problem was more than just the air conditioning system. Every one of us had to wait multiple minutes, while they repaired the car. My mom and I sat in a tiny office with a 17 inch cable and no air conditioning system. It was hot and uncomfortable, but at least the crew was friendly. When they were almost finished with the repair, they sent us to the restaurant for lunch. They promised the automobile would be finished, by the time we finished a BLT, fries, and a drink. They guaranteed the BLT would be the best we ever tasted. It was a absolutely tasty sandwich, and the automobile was repaired by the time we returned from lunch.

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