The Spring school year had finally came to an end. The school year always seem to  end with exams plus 10 page essay papers. I was glad it was over. No more stress for a short break.There were 2 weeks until summer time classes begin.  I planned to adore every hour of it. My friends plus I planned to go on a much needed road trip. It was well overdue. Every one of us hadn’t been on a trip together for almost a year. Every one of us were tied up with school plus work. It seem care about time flew before our eyes. There was several of us. That Monday every one of us were up, packed plus ready to get on the road. Every one of us were headed to the Deep South to adore the sun. Every one of us arrived to our hotel several hours later… Our hotel was amazing. The décor was entirely  stylish plus modern. We’re more amazed every one of us we got to our suite. It was entirely spacious. The suite had a single of the best HVAC systems.They had a smart control component which was surprising. Of course every one of us couldn’t control the control component from our smartphone however it cool to see a hotel with a method so to date. When every one of us turned the a/c on it didn’t take long to cool the suite off. Amazing a/c in the summertime heat is a plus. Every one of us chose a fantastic hotel. Every one of us got to rest plus unwind over our trip. The long wait was well worth it to travel with my besties.  Every one of us past all our exams plus got to go on a single of the best road trips together.

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