I do not care for the Winter season because the beach house is so sealed. I usually force myself to go outside once everyday. I know it is important for our health to get outside & breathe in clean air. No matter what I do, I suppose our beach house has polluted air quality. The heating device can be professionally cleaned by a Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, & it will still be gross; You just can’t get all the dust in the system. The air filter can only catch so much. Then the air quality has dusty air from production of the furnace. The polluted air quality has nowhere to go however the rest of the house. If it was Summer I could have the windows & door open to cycle in clean air quality, with the Winter season, I am stuck with the same stale, gross air quality. It is no wonder that all the people gets sick in the Winter season. The inferior air conditions is what does it. Also, the furnace device naturally dries out the air quality in the home. I constantly notice this with our skin. My whole body gets so dry from lack of moisture that it turns orange & hurts, however lotion, chapstick & even a humidifier does not really help. Static shock is frequent, our hair frizzes & I get a bloody nose a lot. This is all due to the furnace in the Winter season time. Winter season is exhausting enough with the snow & cold. Why does the equipment for the season have to stink as well? The beach house should be amazing because the outside is so bad.

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