I’m no engineer. I’m fact, I’m not even tech savvy about modern appliances. I’m basically as in the dark about modern appliances as a person from the Middle Ages. Even if someone provided me all the tools, there’s no way I could recreate modern technology if someone threw me into the wilderness. My knowledge is limited to the following: If  I flip a switch, slam a button, or twist a handle, the device will work. However, one Saturday afternoon, this wasn’t true for my air conditioning. Nothing but tepid air blew from its vents. I was pretty discontent. The cooling system had been becoming less effective over the years, but this was unbearable. There was no cool air whatsoever! I didn’t know what to do, so I called a technical wizard from a trustworthy HVAC company. The technician said the complication was easy enough even for me to grasp. There was a large leak somewhere in the A/C system, meaning the freon that cools the air had nearly depleted, causing the air conditioning to malfunction. Luckily, fixing the problem required just the quick patching of a hole and the refilling of the A/C with freon. The repair cost very little money, and I could finally enjoy the cool air blowing from the A/C once more.