It was our Grandparents fiftieth wedding birthday plus I planned a dinner at the famous local steakhome for our family of sixteen to celebrate. I reserved a private gathering room so that we could accommodate pretty much everyone plus not disturb the rest of the restaurant purchasers. We all started by ordering drinks plus it was during our wait for them, when we all started commenting on how frosty our room was. Of course, Grandmother’s seat was right beneath the vents that were blowing this frosty air so being the relaxing granddaughter that I was, I suggested we switched seats. When the waitress came back with our drinks, we asked him if we were able to keep the air conditioner from blowing out so much frosty air into our room. She said she wasn’t sure how their HVAC method worked plus that she would talk to her employer. While I waited to hear back from the employer about the air conditioner situation, I continued to endure the frosty air blowing right down our back. I had to excuse myself from the table so I could run back to our automobile to see if I had a blazer or scarf to throw on in the meantime.  When I came back, our family said they still hadn’t heard from the employer but the room seemed to be getting a little warmer. I sat back down plus to our surprise, the frosty air had stopped! At last, they fixed it. The waitress came back plus asked if the air conditioner situation had been resolved plus we of course told him yup. But the minute she left to go locale our orders in the living room, the air conditioner turned back on! Needless to say, the restaurant did not have a handle on their cooling situation plus I spent the rest of the evening having to wear a jacket I found in our car.

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