I recently got promoted to the supervisor of my office floor. The promotion was fantastic for about one day, but now that I am the floor supervisor, I hate my task. I get constant whines and complaints. I also have to deal with things that I feel are beyond me. The latest issue I am dealing with is bees in the Heating and Air Conditioning ducts at work. Apparently a bunch of bees burrowed their way into the office’s Heating and Air Conditioning component and now have swarmed the ducts. What am I supposed to do about that? The one thing that I have tried I realized was a mistake quickly after. I decided to spray a bunch of bee spray in the Heating and Air Conditioning vents. I thought the spray would run through the ducts and kill the bees. Well, the smell of the spray is all over the office now. The gross fumes are in the air quality and making everybody cough all day long. Also, what if the bees do die because of the spray? Then I will have a bunch of bee bodies in the ductwork. I will need to get a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in stat to clean out the ductwork. The reason is that the moisture in the bees dead bodies will ruin the metal on the ductwork. This could then cause for ductwork sealing needed. But, if I was not successful and called a Heating and Air Conditioning company, they will charge myself and others for work they did not do. No Heating and Air Conditioning business is going to clean ductwork with a bunch of bees in there. I don’t get paid enough to deal with this.

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