There is absolutely nothing better than walking into a hot house after spending a long time on a highway and stuck in traffic! I went to my work 1 Winter day plus the all of us got an unexpected snow storm. Where I live at least 45 minutes away from work, I left early to completely avoid the traffic. I didn’t make it in time though plus was stuck on the highway for well over 3 hours, because of traffic accidents plus terrible drivers… When I walked into my house, I was severely ecstatic that I listened to my HVAC serviceman; he told me it was time to update my furnace this past warm season. When he came to as normal to clean plus inspect the furnace, he said it wasn’t energy efficient plus it was too old to keep up; after discussing the issue, I went ahead and installed a state of the art forced air gas furnace. I as well had the HVAC serviceman install a SMART temperature control. While I was sitting on the highway, I used my iPhone to turn up the furnace, so it would be truly hot when I got home. Although the heat in my automobile was turned up, I was still chilled. As soon as I walked into my house, the chill fell away because my SMART temperature control turned the furnace on, warming the house up. I’m not sure how I would have coped if I still had my old HVAC system though. After having this furnace system installed plus the air duct cleaned, my house felt exactly as I had a fireplace in every room. I was able to get out of my boots plus heavy coat plus relax after a long plus stressful commute. I am blissful I listened to my HVAC serviceman plus spent the currency I did, and this heat is worth every penny plus the time spent installing this state of the art gas furnace. I will never regret it.

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