It was just the other day when I met the most unlikely of business partners, as I gave this vagrant some cash and asked him about his story. He used to work at this heating & A/C supplier in town for years, but he was let go over drugs and drinking. He swears he’s been clean for years, and doesn’t drink at all now. The guy was incredibly friendly for someone who sleeps in the elements, and to me that was a big deal. Giving fate a chance, I brought the guy back to my home to check out my heating & A/C equipment – just to see what he still remembers. I was experiencing problems and I was thinking about calling the heating & A/C supplier, but why do that when this guy was right here and available? I gave him my tools to use in his inspection, and he promptly began reviewing the entire HVAC system from the ground up. He said there were some parts that needed to be replaced or serviced in some way, so the people I was with and I went to get the parts. He knew exactly what was needed, and where the parts needed to be installed. He thoroughly cleaned out the system too, and I didn’t even ask for him to do that! He said if I had a shop vac, he could even clean out the HVAC duct. Luckily, I did have a shop vac so he went to work on that. I paid him well for his work, and I’m glad I met him when I did. At that point, I decided to make a business proposition to him plus said the people I was with and I could be partners. I would find the job plus he could handle the services. He agreed plus now the people I was with and I genuinely own my own heating & A/C supplier together with a bunch of workers.

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