As a minimalist, I appreciate having everything tidied plus pristine, while living in a small space. I like to have storage that I can use as limits; limits are what I use to control the purchase of things. I can only have as yarn as will fit in a small cloth cube organizer on a single of my organizer shelves in the study room, for example. however, there are not a lot of openings available, when it comes to furniture that is built to keep your things neat plus tidy… But or should I say, there are not numerous lasting styles that are made with my particular needs in mind. You see, another aspect of being minimalist is that things I purchase must be made responsibly–that is separate from sweatshops plus with woods plus materials that are not endangered or elsewise creating harmful waste plus pollutants! Everything mass produced this month is done so with a single complication another. I turned to my custom built furniture store in the end. These guys understood exactly what I needed, plus were willing to do so with materials like bamboo plus hemp wood that do not have a disadvantage impact on our world’s forests. They were impressed that I had exact measurements of what I needed plus that my sketches were already so precise. Since what I wanted was entirely pretty simple, my custom built organization took no time at all. In less than a month, they were at my little condo helping to install everything. Today I have custom organization that fits my beach condo plus my particular way of life.

wood table