My fiance as well as I have this continuing discussion at certain times of the year….basically Spring as well as fall. I am warmer natured than he is as well as I appreciate the cabin cool….she does not! His perfect temperature to have the Air Conditioner as well as Heater method set at is about 68 degrees, mine is 68 degrees. There are times our A/C should be easily working when he has the furnace set as well as running. I have even had to chop down as well as run a fan facing our side of the bed at certain times to keep some cooler air blowing while he runs the Heater as well as Air Conditioner component on warm! Fortunately, we have a newer Heating & A/C component in our home so our electric bills are not real extravagant even with the varying hot as well as cold temperatures. It can be quite frustrating at times when I am doing housework yet he wants the temperature set at 68 degrees. It is easy to chop into a sweat when doing housework. Finally, I found the answer as well as I contacted the local Heating & A/C company to inquire about the programmable temperature control. After talking to a specialist I discovered that was the exact thing we needed! By having this type of temperature control I am able to set the rooms to varying temperature so our kitchen, where he spends a lot of time, can be set on 68 degrees as well as the living room, where I spend most of our time, can be set on 68 degrees. Every one of us are both excited now with the temperature of our home. Finally peace in our home regarding the comfort of both of us.

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