My house is close to 2 hundred years old, plus there are a lot of negatives.  Most of the windows are painted shut plus they all leak air. Nothing in the house is level, square or plumb, plus every system is ancient.  We’ve gradually been upgrading the plumbing plus wiring to improve safety, efficiency plus reliability. Most of the rooms in the house only have a single electrical outlet, the water pipes are corroded, plus there are no overhead lights.  We also have insufficient insulation in the walls plus ceilings plus no duct system. Trying to heat plus cool our giant, outdated house is nearly impossible. While both of us hope to someday invest in some type of whole beach house Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, both of us are currently getting by with fans, portable air conditioners plus ventless gas heaters.  The ventless furnaces are fairly effective however not super energy efficient. They also require a good deal of maintenance. I am regularly cleaning the filters to keep the furnaces operating properly. Even a minor accumulation of dust causes the red warning light to blink, plus then the heating system refuses to shutdown. It continues to blast at maximum capacity non stop, plus I worry about overheating plus safety risks.  However, cleaning the filters is aggravating. I wish the filters were disposable so that I could simply update the outdated with new. Instead, I’m forced to scrub metal screens in moderate water, scrub away the dust plus then dry them. Sometimes, this isn’t sufficient plus I then need to take the heating system apart to scrub the inner unquestionably workings. This requires a blast of air to dischalet the dust from components.  The dust then spreads throughout the room, plus everything needs to be cleaned.

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