I live with my fiance in a studio apartment in a large city in the south. Normally, temperatures in the south even in the winter don’t fall below the 70’s. However, this year temperatures have actually dropped below the 40’s. We do not have central air conditioning in our apartment, nor do we have a heater. My fiance spoke with the landlord about the lack of heat and he offered a space heater for our place. Actually, the space heater works quite well as the space we live in is extremely small. The space heater is an antique but works just fine. When the temperature drops below 70 she expects the heater to be put on and once it reaches 76 we turn the window air conditioner on. It is quite comical actually. I don’t mind the colder temperatures, but she gets cold and becomes uncomfortable. I would rather she have comfort when she comes home from work and able to take off her work clothes. This year has been a learning experience with the two of us. The electric bills are on the low side since some days we just open the window or we turn the fan on instead of running the window a/c and since we only have a space heater we don’t have to run central heating. One of these days we will move into a larger space, but until then we will deal with air and heat as it comes. Soon the colder weather will be finished and we will get back into running our air conditioner again. By next winter I hope we can have either a new apartment or at least a new space heater.

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