For years we dreamed of owning our own home; one with enough bedrooms and plenty of space outdoors for our children to play. When we finally saved enough money to make the purchase, our dreams were crushed when we found the perfect floor plan in an older home that also had a less desirable heating system. Our four bedroom, three bath house with an acre of land was heated with a boiler system. Everything was perfect except for the boiler, Neither my husband nor myself had had any experience with such antiquated technology; if you can call it technology. We both imagined boilers to be loud, dirty, and expensive. We tried to figure out a way to update the boiler system with a modern heating unit, but finances just wouldn’t allow the extravagance. As it turned out, we were very wrong about the old boiler. Our fears turned to joy when we experienced its warmth and efficiency. It’s been many years now and our boiler has never given us cause for complaint. It’s been the best heating system. Our licensed HVAC contractor gave us a complete inspection and continues to do so every Fall. How lucky we are that the boiler continues to run without a problem. Best of all, it operates silently! The house temperature is constant and customizable. With zone heating options, each family member can personalize their living space to the exact comfort temperature of their liking. One thing we didn’t know was that boilers use water to radiate heat instead heating the air. For this reason, common allergens have been eliminated and the air quality remains clean. The system is also wonderfully efficient, keeping energy bills low.

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