It is amazing how fast technological developments are moving. There was a time when having a landline phone was quite a status symbol. Nowadays, maybe ninety percent of the population owns – not just a mobile phone – but a phone which is frequently smaller than its owner! The downside is that paying too much attention to these phones while driving, can be disastrous. I am all for modern technology. It is hard to see myself using my hands to do the laundry or writing a letter to communicate, instead of by email, text or a phone call.

                HVAC technology is something which has come a very long way. There was a time when the window air conditioning unit was ideal for keeping the house cool in summer. Then came central heating. A central HVAC system can keep you  cool in summer, as well as provide warmth and heat during the blistering cold winter. But before long, the ductless mini-split HVAC system came along. This form of temperature control required no ductwork, offered zone control and better energy efficiency, with a smart thermostat which could be regulated from many miles away.

            Not to be left out is radiant heat, the one I like best. Warm air is supplied to space through heated  water being passed through pipes installed below the floors. I would also like to experience camping in style in an HVAC efficient cabin, by going glamping.

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