My bestie can be genuinely stubborn sometimes, plus it drives myself and others crazy. There are so multiple things that I wish she would compromise on, but, she is so set to doing things her way. Naturally, that wouldn’t be that sizable of a problem, however some of the things she is stubborn about genuinely affects me. For starters, while she is a good cook, she is also a genuinely messy cook. I was raised to disinfect up after the person who cooks for me, so I am always the 1 dealing with the brunt of the mess. However, she does have some redeeming qualities. As an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance professional, she can genuinely be helpful around the house. I myself never paid much attention to such things as the difference between a boiler plus a gas furnace, much less all the unusual components plus locations of a home’s heating plus cooling equipment. She, on the other hand, being a licensed maintenance professional herself, is completely the opposite. When she first came over to my house, the first thing she noted was how bad I was in my home’s Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance. She was genuinely the first licensed Heating and Air Conditioning professional I ever had to look over my shoulder, plus it was embarrassing. After making a snide comment about my air filter rotation habits, she also pointed out how much currency I was losing each year running my Heating and Air Conditioning component as well. Because of her, my heating plus cooling costs are now extremely low, plus all of my home’s Heating and Air Conditioning component is in perfect working order. I even know now when to change my home’s air filter, helping even keep my home’s air quality in the best condition possible.

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