Well, I met the most unlikely of friends when I gave this homeless guy some change the other day. We got to talking about his story, and I discovered he used to work for a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. However, he was relieved of duty since he got into drugs and had a bad drinking problem. He has since been off the drugs, and doesn’t drink anymore either. The guy was truthfully appreciative of my gesture, and after a long talk I decided to bring the guy back to the loft to check out my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment – just for fun. I was experiencing issues and I was thinking about calling the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation myself, though this guy was willing to take a look for free! I let him use my tools, and he quickly diagnosed the Heating and Air Conditioning system with a minor leak of refrigerant. He said there were some parts that needed to be replaced to fix it, so we left to grab the parts. He knew exactly what was needed, where the parts needed to go, and the order of replacement overall. He thoroughly cleaned out the system. I can’t imagine what this guy must’ve been like when he was in his prime! He was paid handsomely for his services, though not as much as I would have paid a typical Heating and  Air Conditioning serviceman. Nothing about this guy was typical though, as he truly was heating & air conditioning certified to be as skilled as he was!

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