I’m sure everyone knows the story of Rudolph, but did anyone ever wonder why Rudolph’s nose is red?  That is a question that I find myself pondering, every time I hear the song. I know that people’s noses tend to get red and bulbous when they drink way too much.  Rudolph was born with a red, bulbous nose. Maybe his mother and father were big drinkers and they just passed that red nose on to Rudolph. Maybe Rudolph was born outside in the middle of snowstorm.  When they covered him up to keep him warm, his nose was sticking out and it got red from the cold. I’m not sure it would glow unless he made a Christmas wish for a warm nose. Then he would have his own personal heater.  Every time his nose glows, it means his heater has reached its capacity and it is time to let some of that heat out. The heat comes from the glowing red nose. Does his nose go back to being brown then? I sometimes think too  much and my husband says it is a fault of mine. I seem to want to tear everything apart and find out why. It has been something I have done since I was a kid. I want to tear all of the stories apart. I also tore things apart when I was a kid.  I tore the old space heater apart to see how it worked. The space heater didn’t work when I ripped it apart. The space heater didn’t work when I put it back together. I guess it’s safer to tear stories apart.

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