While I have driven all around the United States as a truck driver, the long drives can be terribly lonely. Often times, the gorgeous sites that I see on my trips partially cure my loneliness. That, and I bring along my trusty friend, my chihuahua, Rex. The trucking life isn’t always the pleasant, but I’m happy with my salary. During long rides, I rely on a single amenity, my climate control system, which I’m willing to fork the money over for. Like I said, I drive across the entire country which means I deal with all climates and weather patterns. Sometimes I drive so many miles, for so many hours, that I could desperately need my heating system at night, only to blast my air conditioning mid-afternoon, all because of crossing into a different region. That being said, even if I enjoyed the heat or the chilliness, I would still invest in the most superior climate control system on the market. Why? Because it would shatter my heart to see my little Chihuahua Rex, shivering or panting due to insufficient heating or cooling. I refuse to cause him discomfort, so depending on the climate we’re driving through, we both keep comfortably warm or air conditioned with my top-notch HVAC system.

AC system