Because of a tremendous amount of debt plus an extremely narrow budget, I chose a small condo with entirely  low rent. Although the condo is not entirely nice plus located in a risky city, it is all that I can afford.  I am thankful for the deadbolt on the front door. I am learning to live with windows that don’t open however leak air, dripping faucets, entirely  little tepid water, plus an oven that fills the condo with smoke. My largest complaint is the ancient heating plus cooling system. Not only is the heating plus cooling component super old, it’s not in great condition.  I moved into the condo in early June. As the outside temperature climbed into the nineties plus the humidity became unbearable, I started up the cooling system. It made a entirely scary screeching noise, plus the cool air smelled terribly musty.  Within half an hour, it had given me a headache. After the first electric bill, I realized that I couldn’t afford to run the cooling system. I switched to a couple of box fans plus the condo was regularly overheated plus sticky. It was just about impossible to sleep at evening.  Now, it’s the middle of Winter, plus I don’t have the choice of going without heat. The heating plan is worse than the cooling system. It fills the condo with dust, rattles plus runs regularly. It’s costing me so much in energy bills that it would be cheaper to rent a more costly condo with a more efficient heater.  When my lease is up, I idea to find something a little better.