I should never have asked my neighbor if he knew anything about air conditioner repair.  I’d seen George fix a lot of things around his own house. He’s built a back porch, replaced windows, repaired the washing machine and done all sorts of work on his car.  When there was a problem with my cooling system, I was reluctant to call a licensed HVAC contractor and invest a ton of money into professional service. I mentioned my concerns with dripping water, elevated noise levels, and musty smells to George, and he offered to take a look.  He came over with his tool box and proceeded to tear the entire outdoor component apart. He appeared to know what he was doing, so I wasn’t worried. He spent several hours cleaning the various components, and there were parts spread all over the lawn. When he finally put everything back together, there were parts leftover.  That’s when I started to get concerned. George assured me those were extra, unnecessary parts, but I found that hard to believe. I wasn’t all that surprised when the air conditioner wouldn’t start up. George had definitely made the problem much worse. Although he offered to take the cooling system back apart and tinker with it some more, I was quick to call an HVAC professional.  The technician spent less than an hour to fix the cooling system. He replaced several parts that I’m suspicious George damaged, eliminated a bunch of dust and mold growth and put everything back together. The air conditioner started right up, and ran perfectly. However, the repair definitely cost more because of George’s efforts.

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