The first time I ever went to Disney World, I had packed my adolescents plus driven there.  I had an old car that had a broken speedometer plus no air conditioner. I don’t suppose if it was because I was younger or just dumb, but the two of us still had an amazing trip.  Even without the air conditioner, the two of us were ecstatic to be heading to Disney World plus getting away from the life the two of us were leading. Even if only for a week, the two of us were finally free.  The two of us ended up at Disney World with a few debit cards plus some money. The two of us ended up in a small hotel that had several beds plus air conditioner. The two of us knew the two of us were going to have fun when the two of us got to the park, so just being able to sleep was wonderful enough for us.  The two of us drove to the park plus the two of us walked to the gates. The look on my adolescents faces was enough to make me endure walking on the sunlight if I had to. The two of us spent several glorious mornings walking around the park. The two of us all had sunburns plus welcomed getting back to the hotel so the two of us could relax in the air conditioner plus cool our sunburned skin.  Two of my adolescents are redheads plus the two of us had to laugh because the color of their skin nearly matched the color of their hair. The two of us didn’t even mind the drive home when it came time to leave. The windows were opened plus no one said anything about not having air conditioner in the car. The two of us had a marvelous time together plus it was time to return to reality.

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