As soon as I turned 16 I went out looking for a job. I waited long enough, I had our drivers permit, plus I was ready to beginning making some money. I didn’t think why just yet, however I wanted a job to beginning making money for myself, so I didn’t have to rely on anyone else. I chop shrubberies with a groundskeeping maintenance for a few weeks, however it wasn’t for me. A friend of our dad gave me a job in his propane plus propane accessories store, plus I jumped at the chance. I l acquired a lot at that store, plus I credit it for getting me interested in the field, which hastily lead me to Heating plus A/C systems maintenance within a few weeks. Once I left the propane store plus started studying heating plus cooling repair, I stopped having a “job” plus started building a career, but even at age 17 I knew I wanted to build a future, plus I could clearly see that the spend money plus benefits an Heating plus A/C company could receive would be more than anything I could make in the propane store. I took night classes for many weeks, while working area time for an Heating plus A/C company plus still working a few hours each month at the propane store. After working 2 jobs plus taking Heating plus A/C classes, when I graduated plus got to only work 1 job it almost felt prefer a holiday. I am still friends with the owner of the propane store, plus am really thankful he set me on the course towards Heating plus A/C repair.

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