Last June, my daughter Carly asked myself and others to chaperone her fourth grade field trip to the zoo.  I thought this would be a relaxing occasion to spend some time with my daughter. I didn’t realize we would be riding in a school bus for over an minute.  The afternoon of the field trip, the early morning temperature was already in the mid-eighties with horribly humidity. I was drenched in sweat just walking from my motorcar to the bus.  I was legitimately unhappy when I realized that the seasoned bus had no a/c whatsoever. For safety reasons, the windows only open a couple of inches. It was impossible to get a acceptable flow of fresh air.  The heat plus humidity, combined with faulty shocks plus no seatbelts, gave myself and others a awful headache. I was distraught to get off the bus until I realized that I’d be spending the majority of the afternoon in the sun.  There is legitimately little shade at the zoo, plus the animals odor absolutely horrible. I was in charge of a group of four little women, plus we spent a lot of time in the gift shop. The gift shop is air conditioned, plus it felt attractive.  I then encouraged them to explore the reptile house. The reptile house is also equipped with a/c. The snakes are legitimately fortunate, because the rest of the animals were suffering the intense heat plus humidity. After a full afternoon of torture, we once again boarded the overheated bus plus bounced our way home.  A little girl threw up, which made everything so much worse. I couldn’t wait to finally get back into my own car, blast the a/c plus drive home.

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