Some customers are never happy, no matter how hard to try to please them. It’s like that in customer service. I worked at a pizza parlor, when I was a kid. We had one customer who always complained about her order. We made sure the pizza was perfect before we served it, but she still found something wrong every time. She always asked the manager for a free pizza, and he always said yes. The same is true is every business. I work in the heating and cooling business these days. The customers needs are just as demanding. Last week, I told a customer that she needed a new furnace. She was angry, screaming, and totally in my face. She even threatened to sue the company. The customer thought we would be able to fix the furnace problem, but her system was aged and no longer viable. When I explained the furnace problems, she went crazy. She claimed that I must have caused the problem. She even threw a pair of pliers at the furnace repair truck. I left the property immediately, because I thought she might actually lunge and strike me. She called my company and called me every name in the book. She wanted them to replace the furnace for free, but they told her to call a lawyer. My boss refused to help her further, and hung up the phone. She never contacted us again. I don’t we’ll hear from a lawyer, because I think she was trying to pull a scam on our furnace repair company.

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