My hubby got this awesome space oil furnace for Christmas, so our house is warmer & our heating bill is lower, since that.  We have both been fighting to save money on our utility bill for years, ever since we purchased this house on the lake.We truly enjoy where we live; the house is stunning, but the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C is not. The oil boiler is getting very loud, & I guess we’ll need to replace it soon. Replacing the boiler is something we’re going to have to save towards, at least another year to

                 In the meantime, we can’t stay cold in our house… We’ve been stuck between wanting to be warm, & not wanting to increase the control component too high in order to save cash our heating bill. My husband found the perfect answer in this modern space heater. Unlike other space furnaces which use a quartz coil, this model of electric furnace uses infrared technology. This equipment works to keep people warm, rather than just making hot air; Plus, the infrared uses a lot less power than traditional space heaters, so it doesn’t run up the light bill we try to save cash on buying fuel for the oil boiler…

              One of the best things is that the modern space oil furnace doesn’t even look like one.  It looks like an end table, and infrared furnaces are cool to the touch & sends out hot air from one vent, taking it in from another; So you can put it in wood housing & turn it into a side table, rather than just having a big ugly space oil furnace in the center of room.

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