Life on the farm can be hard! We live out on a small farm and we have lots of expenses that go with maintaining the outbuildings, feeding the farm animals, and also keeping our house worked on. Both of us also have a small greenhouse where my husband does hydroponic gardening. Recently, I have changed our lifestyle to vegetarian. I made this conscious decision because of our health. One of the largest complications with being a vegetarian or a vegan, is having enough vegetables available to eat. Buying fresh vegetables is legitimately costly, especially during winter. And that’s why our husband put up the greenhouse, since he’s able to do hydroponic gardening for most of our vegetables. I have zucchini, carrots, and lettuce as well as grape tomatoes. I also have unusual herbs so I don’t have to use salt as much on my food. The main problem with our greenhouse is being able to keep it warm. We live in a colder temperature so we use our oil furnace more than any other source of Heating, Ventilation & A/C.  Both of us also need to have a heating plan in the greenhouse, too. We opted to go with a small electric oil furnace. We know that if our electricity were to fail that our oil furnace wouldn’t be working, so he also hooked our oil furnace into the generator. Now if we lose power, the generator automatically turns on, and so our furnace continues to generate heat into the greenhouse for the vegetables. I think this is a lot of work my for husband, and it’s still expensive! But I think he feels that it is more of a labor of love. Last week, he told me he had been thinking about setting up a hydroponic farm for quite some time anyway.

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