Last week I was on roll, when my husband stopped me short.  I had moved everything in the house and scrubbed walls, floors, and ceiling.  Even the furniture received a good scrubbing and/or shampooing. I was tired of seeing all of the spiders and dust in my house.  I was getting ready to scrub the air vents, when my husband stopped me. He told me that we would be better off to have the HVAC company clean them.  He thought the problem was in the ductwork itself. We had lived in our home for ten years, and we never had the ductwork properly cleaned. We weren’t even sure if the previous owners had ever had the ductwork cleaned.  I called the HVAC company and they told us they had a professional ductwork cleaning company who would come in and do the job. I still cleaned the air vents and I vacuumed as far into the air duct as I could. When the ductwork cleaners came in, I was expecting to have to clean us a mess when they were done, but they did a very tidy job, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.  They even fixed a few little pin holes that they found in the ductwork. The technician told us that they had never seen ductwork that was so dirty. He didn’t think it had ever been cleaned. Once the sanitizing was completed, we noticed that there was very little dust in the house, and all of the little spiders were gone.

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