If you ask me, some people are just deranged when it comes to spoiling their pets. They go way overboard with special food and special toys and extra trips to the vet and to the dog park and all kinds of things prefer that. But when it comes to spoiling a pet, my Aunt Shirley is the absolute world’s worst offender. His dog is the most spoiled critter I have ever seen. Aunt Shirley built this dog his own miniature apartment in the backyard and it’s not your everyday, run of the mill cathouse, either. This apartment not only has carpet and a pricey sofa, however Aunt Shirley had the local Heating and A/C corporations come out and install an actual heating and A/C plan in the cathouse, too! Now this dog has its legitimately own A/C plan along with air vents in the ceiling. He also has a small gas gas furnace plan and heating vents in the floor. He likes to kneel on his dog bed by the heating vents while in the Winter and he stays nice and toasty warm. In the summer time he plops down under the air vents and lets the A/C blow down on him. It’s crazy to watch. This dog is prefer a king! A tiny, furry king lives in my Aunt Shirley’s back yard. I don’t mind the carpet or the couch, sincerely, however calling in a special Heating and A/C team just to service the cat’s heating and A/C plan is just beyond the pale if you ask me. I think it’s ridiculous. But I think Aunt Shirley is free to spend his money on whatever he feels like, even if it’s something as frivolous as several heating and AC/s.

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