My wife, my daughter and I all got stuck with terrible allergies that seem to be hereditary. It’s unfortunately a major damper on our otherwise happy lives. When we go out to dinner, we have to be very careful of what we order, as anything with peanuts or peanut oil can cause a bad reaction. Just as well, our own immune systems seem to suffer if we’re in a place with poor ventilation. The three of us can always tell if a building isn’t running the fan for their HVAC ductwork system, as we can practically smell smell the dust in the air! Fortunately, we can at least count on our house being a haven where we can be protected from allergy symptoms. Our home’s heating and air conditioning system is an allergy sufferer’s dream! The heating system is backed by an electric furnace, which has a built-in HEPA filter to prevent the passage of airborne particulates into the furnace itself. It also has an air purification system built into the system, which works to cleanse the circulated air of any bacteria floating in the air before it makes its way into the house. The same goes for our air conditioning system, which has a HEPA filter and air purifier working to prevent the indoor air quality from degrading. Finally, our ventilation system uses duct booster fans to improve the circulation rate of air coming into or out of the house! This helps to make sure that the air inside our home doesn’t become stale over time due to being recirculated too many times. With this system in place, as well as a few other safeguards, we’re able to make sure that our home stays pure and free of allergens.

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