One of the greatest accomplishments that both of us can have are golden years without worry.  Most Americans work for thirty years before they are able to collect this tough acquired benefit, then my folks did just that plus I have to say, that I hope to be in in a similar position 1 day myself.  My folks are free to travel where they want plus go out and get what they want, when they want. That type of financial freedom is entirely what I aspire to achieve. Just Last month I called to chat with my folks and could discern a bunch of banging in the background.  Turns out that my folks were upgrading their Heating plus Air Conditioning plan to some high tech 1 with radiant flooring and a smart thermostat. It may surprise you to think that my folks are more tech savvy than I am. They are insistent the cost was not an issue plus that the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier sends over a specialist to teach them exactly how to operate all the various HVAC components.  Mom was gleeful that they would be able to operate the heat plus air conditioning, even while they were travelling. If weather happens, they will be able to adjust the thermostat settings to keep the lake house comfortable plus safe. I told them that I could have surely gone over plus taken care of those things with the aged plan despite the fact that he said he wanted to be in control of the lake house because it is theirs, not mine.  Additionally, the radiant floors will be a more efficient form of heating. I can only hope to be able to make major purchases such as that during my golden years, as well.

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