I am currently in training to learn how to become an airline pilot. I take flying lessons once a week at this local flying school. Not to mention, it is very cheap to do these lessons as the airline I am going to be working for sent me to this flying school on the weekend. Every single Saturday, it is flying lesson day! I have been training for about three months now, and something that was discovered is that I do better when the air quality inside the jet is perfect. And when I say air quality, I am speaking of the heating and cooling temperatures. Without quality heating and cooling, there is no way I can really concentrate good enough to be able to fly. This could be dangerous if doing it for real with an actual aircraft full of people! So, the good thing I found out, is that in the aircrafts for the company I will be working for, the pilot has total control over the heating and cooling in the cabin where I would be flying in. So, if I want it to be nice and freezing cold from the air conditioning, I could do so without bothering the rest of the people on the plane. If I wanted it to be really warm from the heater, I could do that as well. Whatever temperature I want, I have complete control over that plane’s HVAC system inside the cabin only. Which, this will help me a lot. It will just be like how I control the HVAC system in my own home, but will be doing it many thousand feet up in the air!

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