If there is a single thing I am the most particular about, it’s my own personal comfort. There are a certain few standards that are difficult to go without, such as having nice and soft lighting at home and keeping the home nice and toasty warm all of the time depending on the season. If those factors are in place, I am much happier than normal! That’s why I’ve been extremely pleased with our new home and the existing central gas furnace. The gas furnace happened to be pretty new when we purchased the home about 5 years ago. Previously the owners took superb care of it. The central heat is extremely efficient and powerful, and I have felt really spoiled this wintertime with all the moderate air flowing freely through our home. The home is well insulated which works out well so we are not running the gas furnace a whole ton without losing extra warmth to the outdoors. Most substantially, I’ve been extremely ecstatic with the smart thermostat that came installed with the home when it was purchased. The little thermostat on our wall is super easy to use and it learns from our temperature preferences and schedules on how to adjust the central heating and cooling settings to best serve our needs every day. It’s a absolutely neat little piece of technology and saves us a ton of cash on utility bills monthly. The best part, though, is our ability to get the home warmed up to our standards before I even arrive home, then after a long afternoon, nothing is better than walking into the home and having the indoor air temperature already flowing at the perfect conditions so I feel the up most comfortable.

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