I am so grateful that my best friend from college lives so much closer to me in this past year. He still lives 6 minutes away, however compared to our past distance when we lived apart, this is a major improvement! I love that I can viably get in the car & visit his house over the weekend, & his condo is quite comfortable to stay at, at least it is usually quite comfortable for me, and this last time that i stayed with him it wasn’t as cozy as I thought it was going to be. I first observed it when I was resting in his living room while watching tv. I thought that the dog ran outside because I could feel a cold draft entering the room from the doors that lead to the backyard, and as the freezing air blew past me, I assumed that the indoor air temperature would improve after I had the dog went back inside & locked the door up tight. I presumed that pulling the thick curtains over the brisk window would block out some of the additional freezing air entering in the house and to warm up the home too. Unfortunately I was incorrect. Apparently, the doors & windows were not to blame for the freezing indoor air quality, in fact, the draft that I was experiencing was coming directly from the overhead air vents that were blasting the cold air. It turned out that the gas furnace’s pilot light that’s in the basement, had gone out numerous minutes before, & the temperature control had been pointlessly running this whole  time. The air that was blowing throughout the home was not being warmed before it passed through the air ducts. This is what led to the flowing of freezing drafts. By the time all of us figured this all out, there was no way to get an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional out before nightfall to fix the issue for us.

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