I remember road trips when I was a kid. Me and my family had this old station wagon for the longest time. I can’t believe how long that thing ended up running. I can’t tell you how many miles were on it when it finally gave up the ghost, but we had some good times in that thing. It was a real family car, and I guess what you would call a grocery getter these days, as the trunk had an incredible amount of room for that! As many cherished memories as I have riding around in that thing as a kid with my parents and sister, maybe it’s because my rose-colored glasses are on when I reminisce. After all, when I reflect a little bit longer, I realize that road trips were actually pretty awful in a few ways.The main way was that the air conditioning system in that darned station wagon never seemed to work properly.The amount of cooling that it would give out was spotty at times and non-existent at other times. We would always complain about how hot we were in the backseat and our parents would tell us to zip it. It’s particularly funny remembering this, because it bares a stark contrast to the way my kids live on road trips. First of all, we have a really nice SUV that has incredible climate control and a powerful air conditioning system in particular. They still do some bickering in that back seat, but there are just as many other times when they are completely zonked out and sleeping in air-conditioned comfort!

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