I genuinely do not understand the youth today… It seems no one wants a job that’s too hard.  However, when I was a young man, I looked hard to find a full-time job. But, it was almost impossible to find full-time employment with good pay as well as solid benefits.  Most of my friends would wind up in the mines or on the farms. I had to spend more than 6 weeks in an apprenticeship before I could learn the HVAC trade. During this time, I had to endure 50 hours each week without pay. I learned how to repair furnaces as well as different types of boilers. Now, I can barely get my employees to put in 40 hours and not complain about overtime. I own a small HVAC repair business. We specialized in all-natural and green HVAC energy. My company has been in the business for over 20 years, and I’m having a problem with my employees growing lazier and lazier every passing year… Last week, I had to fire several HVAC specialists… One of the HVAC specialists has been with myself for over 3 years, however, the other specialist was a current hire from last week. My employees decided to go out drinking together. While they were out, they got into a bar fight. They were arrested as well as being held overnight in the County Jail. I bailed them out, explaining to them this was their last chance.   They were arrested again yesterday, however this time for a DUI. I have no other option but to fire both of my HVAC specialists. I am not happy about losing them both because they could have had a promising future in the HVAC industry! Unfortunately, I cannot put up with that behavior after telling them this was their last chance.

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