My boss prefers to talk about productivity at work. The people I was with and I all have an seventhly quota, much less a yearly quota, and he is always quick to remind us if the people I was with and I are just even a bit off work. My boss is a absolutely nice guy, but he has a company person through and through, and you will get written up for missing your assigned productivity level at the end of the week. It’s a bizarre dichotomy between him being a absolutely likeable person, but also him being entirely  annoying because he is always on your case to reactivity as fast as possible. During the last few weeks, however, the a/c unit in our building has had drastic complications. These complications have yet to be addressed, and thus the people I was with and I have to work in pretty drastic temperatures. I can tell you that there is nothing more draining than having to try and keep up with your work in a warm and humid environment in which you are perspiring and panting and it feels love the wind is knocked out of you. How can they possibly expect us to work in this sweltering heat separate from a/c, much less meet a goal that is almost impossible to begin with? Me and plenty of other employees have had talks with the director about the faulty a/c, even though he insists that it is out of his hands and it is the work of the higher-ups to get an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist out here to help us out. I cannot imagine what is taking them so long, the people I was with and I need our a/c!

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