When we first moved into our new house I was so excited that we finally had our own fireplace. I had grown up in the city my entire life, so I never had the chance to lay by the fire and sip on some wine with my family like they do in the movies. Due to the fact that I have little ones living with me, I forgot how much of a danger having a fireplace can actually be. Just one false step for a little kid and they could burn their hands or worse. My partner and I decided not to take the risk and call over an HVAC tech to take a look at our house and tell us where to install a proper heating and cooling unit. After looking around the house he recommended to us rather firmly that we go with radiant heated flooring instead of a heating and cooling unit. With the heated flooring, we wouldn’t have to worry about having a big and bulky unit that the kids could run into while playing. Along with heated flooring being a safer option, they were also a much more affordable option in the long run. Over the years after we paid off the cost of the heated floors, we would be saving a nice chunk of cash each month on our energy bill! I am happy that we have the fireplace here for the aesthetic look and feel when guests come over, but I am so happy we have some heated floors now to keep us warm.

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