I wish I was not so totally helpless at fixing things. Anytime something breaks in my home I am screwed. I know I am either buying new or getting a professional in to fix it. I just don’t have that type of mind and I can’t simply look at a machine and figure it out. The worst is the HVAC equipment in my house. My HVAC breaks down constantly. I have learned how to open the HVAC unit, change the air filter and deduce what part is which. When it comes to finding out why the HVAC makes a noise, won’t turn on or is not running efficiently, I am totally lost. It stinks that anytime something happens I need to call my HVAC professional. Some HVAC repairs are so tiny it is honestly embarrassing. I once called my HVAC contractor because my heater would not turn on. The guy came over and said that my air filter was dirty. A new air filter was a few dollars and the heater ran like new. I had to pay the HVAC technician for his time though. Another small HVAC repair I had called for was my cooling system. The AC system had been leaking water for months. I figured that was a huge issue and called my HVAC repairman again. Turns out it was just that my condensate drain was clogged. It took the guy around 10 minutes to fix it. I could really save money if I could learn even the smallest HVAC troubleshooting tips. I am not too confident I can learn though.

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