Ever since I got married, my husband and I have taken our annual vacation in the dead of winter.  Now, most people don’t think of this time of year as ideal, but, we really have no choice. The rest of the year is so busy at work that we can’t take time off for any length of time.  Business is hoping the rest of the time as he and I both work around sixty hours a week. The overtime pay is great because it pays for our vacation when we do go. I should explain that he and I both work for the same company.  He is an HVAC technician and I run the office. Most of the year is tied up with installations, sales, and maintenance calls. I am so swamped with taking orders and scheduling that I have to work extra and he is out on the road working too.  Come the middle of winter, things calm down. Most people, unless it is an emergency, don’t call to have anything done to their HVAC systems because they need them on for heat. This gives us the opportunity to take a few weeks off and go away to enjoy some much needed downtime.  We normally will travel to a vacation to somewhere tropical where we can relax in the sun and enjoy the pampering of the staff. We book a suite with all the amenities including great air conditioning. If something goes wrong with that, we call and have their repair people work on it.  It is nice to be on the other side of the situation for a change.

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