Five years ago, our little sister got married. She was the first of our siblings to marry plus decided to follow in the footsteps of those before her plus marry in the small church in our hometown. The church has been new home to our family for generations plus most of our great aunts plus uncles have been married there, both sets of our Grandparents met plus married there, as did our mother plus father plus their respective siblings. Both of us were all happy to continue the family tradition. The heat of the Summer was upon us as we walked from the carpark to the church plus dressed in our moderate ceremony garb, we were all thankful for the cool air blasting from the a/c… However, as the service started we all heard a loud clunking sound. It was followed by a small pop plus soon the cool air stopped plus no one could get the air conditioner to turn back on. Luckily, one family who belongs to the church own a heating plus cooling repair business. While we waiting for their Heating plus Air Conditioning team to arrive at the church, the church staff brought in large fans to help keep the ceremony party plus the guests cool. As the ceremony service came to a close, the kid plus father heating plus cooling repair team finished up the necessary repairs plus cool air was once again filling up the church. Both of us all were so happy the Heating plus Air Conditioning team had fixed the cooling method that we invited them to the reception, where they loved themselves as much as the rest of us.

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