My sibling plus I decided to rent a locale together shortly after she moved back house following her college graduation. I didn’t mind getting out of our parents’ house, plus she didn’t mind having someone else cut the rent with him! The home she rented out wasn’t exactly perfect, either – there were bizarre stains all over the walls, cracks in the windows, plus no central a/c! Instead, there was a window-mounted air conditioner component to give cool air to us. What a joke, I thought – until I turned on the window A/C component for the first time, but given the small size of the apartment, the window A/C component worked abruptly to cool down our empty home before the two of us began moving component into it. I was blissful by the surprisingly high quality of the window A/C unit, plus hoped that other surprises would be waiting for me – fine surprises of course, however unfortunately there were none, but the window A/C component gave enough surprises for the following year to make up for it. At 1 point about 2 weeks before the Summer heat waves were going to start rolling in, the two of us were dealing with the air conditioner program randomly shutting off while it was running. When the home complex sent an HVAC repair team to our unit, the professional overlooked the component plus simply said that it was trash. I thought that was ridiculous! What they didn’t say at the time though, was that they were going to update the A/C component for us. I was ecstatic that the home complex took great care of their tenants, but obviously these window A/C units are cheaper to update than they are to fix.

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