I easily enjoy cooking. It has constantly been my number one hobby, and boy is it a practical one! Old time tradition basically says it’s expected of a house spouse to be the cook, but I take it a step further than that. I am a bona fide master chef in the kitchen area! It’s not even that my hubby refuses to cook, he just isn’t any good at it. I do not know what the man would do without me, and crazy thing is, his mom is an excellent cook! I do not know, I guess he was too busy enjoying football in the den with his father instead of cooking with his mother during those Sunday roasts! When I am cooking a great deal in the kitchen, I totally appreciate a fabulous cooling appliance, especially in the summer. That is why when our air conditioning appliance broke down this past summer season, it took many times the effort to cook any meal in that brutal heat! The two of us would not have the funds necessary to service the air conditioning appliance for the rest of the summer season. We had a long ways to go. The two of us ended up eating out for dinner all the time while we were in those weeks. When the first month of August finally arrived and we called the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company to take care of our air conditioning appliance, we were seriously relieved and anticipating the nice, cool breeze blowing from our air vents once again. Sure enough, it took roughly an hour, however by the time he left, we were in air-conditioned comfort again, and it was time to prepare dinner!