There are times when I realize I should have listened to my wife. Well recently, she was telling me that we should upgrade our HVAC system instead of having it fixed again. It was easily on its last legs, but I felt like we could still squeeze a few more years out of it. This turned out to be a terrible mistake. Even the HVAC technician who was working on the repair recommended having it replaced altogether just like my wife was saying. I stuck to my guns and just had it repaired regardless of how old the HVAC system was. Well, the repair was rather costly and it was horrible because the HVAC system gave us a bunch of problems regardless. It struggled to achieve the thermostat settings regardless of the fact that I paid a lot of money to have it fixed. Not only this, but the energy bills spiked tremendously so I had to cover these pricey energy bills and the fix was definitely not worth it. I didn’t want to just go and pay for a brand new HVAC system after I had the ancient one repaired, but it was beginning to seem like I didn’t have much of a choice. While I erroneously thought that we could get a few more years out of this ancient HVAC, I was definitely wrong about that. I felt bad that I paid all this additional money for seemingly nothing but a headache. After a few months of this torture with our old problematic HVAC, I finally decided to upgrade it to a new system. My wife was thankful that I finally seen the light and took care of this terrible situation. Now we have a very reliable energy efficient HVAC system and the utility bills are low again!

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