Last month when I took our teenagers to their yearly painting class, I thought that I was absolutely going to freeze to death. The art studio was simply freezing, plus I hadn’t even brought a coat along with myself and others to put on while I sat waiting for them in the lobby. Usually, the temperature in the art studio plus in the lobby is overly warm. I find myself fanning our face with a book or a piece of paper, or even going to splash freezing water on our face in the bathroom. So I was totally unprepared for the freezing freezing temperature in there last week! I suppose when the weather outside finally turned to Wintertide uneven temperatures, the manager of the art studio didn’t certainly suppose much about re-increasing the control unit control in the studio or in the lobby. I suppose that they usually just keep the heating temperature set around 75 degrees or so, which is a bit excessive, if you ask me. My digital programmable control unit at lake house is always set around 75 degrees, Wintertide plus summer! Anyway, Last month the temperature was so freezing in the art studio lobby that I felt like I could see our breath in the air! One of the receptionists noticed that I was shivering plus she explained to myself and others that their furnace had broken down that afternoon. With the abrupt freezing snap plus the temperature shift, the freezing was certainly hitting them taxing since the furnace was on the blink! Right before all of us left, I saw an Heating plus Air Conditioning utility truck pulling into the parking lot. I certainly hope they get their furnace fixed before class next week, or I’m bringing a portable furnace with me!

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