In the town I live in, we are right now having a snow emergency and absolutely no one can leave their house. Not to mention, every store and everything else in town is closed down. So that means trouble for many. However, my spouse always prepares ahead of time for things like this and I always make fun of him for it. However, in this case I can’t make fun of our spouse anymore because his over preparedness easily came in handy this time. He also made sure to call our local Heating and A/C supplier to make sure our heating plan was easily working respectfully before the snowstorm hit us and hit us hard! Thankfully, the Heating and A/C supplier said everything was in perfect easily working condition after the HVAC tune up and we didn’t have to worry about our heating plan making it through the storm this time around. Both of us were one of the only houses on the block that had a easily working heating plan while I was in the storm so we invited anyone that could get through the snow to come over and really as well as truly appreciate a night and toasty home. Both of us here only had a couple of friends stop by because the rest of our neighbors could not get out of their houses what so ever. The snow was so high that they had to wait for it to melt before they would leave the house. I am so gleefully glad that didn’t happen to us! After this storm I never want to leave our nice and warm home again! It is great to always be prepared, so yippie yay for my other half on doing this!