When I was still in school, our task was to manage this small smoothie shop in a dying strip mall. The surrounding neighborhood was being gentrified, to put it bluntly – this was wonderful for business, but it was also causing the rent to go up as well as force stores to close down. The store owner was convinced that the property owners were doing this on purpose, as they wanted to demolish the strip mall to build apartments as well as condos, then anyway, our store was also feeling the pinch from the property owners, as our store owner started letting a few things slip to stretch his dollars to cover store expenses. I was unbelievable with him reducing how multiple consumables every one of us were buying for customers, as well as I was okay with him reducing our store thirds as well. When he started shutting off the air conditioner plan in the morning, however, I was not happy about it! He bought a smart thermostat for the store, which he was able to lock as well as operate only from an app on his smartphone. In turn, using this smart thermostat allowed him to increase the temperature settings at 3pm every morning. That’s when he would increase the a/c threshold to eighty degrees – a temperature that is far too hot for a store that specializes in edible treats! I warned our boss that his overzealous thermostat control was going to end poorly, but he insisted that he knew better. It was simple for him to dismiss our complaints, as he wasn’t the 1 who had to task in these conditions! With that in mind, I called out sick on a random weekday when I knew that none of our employees were available. This forced him to come in as well as task in the store, as well as he saw first-hand just what his thermostat control was doing! The smart thermostat was unlocked from that morning forward, so I think he l gained his lesson.

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