I sincerely care about having company over. There are few things that I enjoy more than having all of my closest friends come to my dwelling for another perfect night of board games. We regularly relax, have a few drinks, share a few laughs, and all in all it’s a pretty wonderful time. Everyone enjoys coming over to my location because I’m never stingy with my things in the least. I constantly have plenty of food and drinks for everybody there, and I don’t mind if someone eats the last of something. Pretty much anything is up for grabs, I don’t have any costly food that is just for me… These people are my close friends so my dwelling is their house. Drink the nice beer, eat the nice chocolate, but life is short and I believe it should be spent in excellent company. The only exception to the rule is the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance. My dwelling has oil heating and I am truly loathe to pay for it… So I keep it especially low when it’s only me, and then I turn it up when I’m expecting people at my dwelling. I try to make sure everyone is truly relaxed, however this does not mean that my friends are allowed to touch my temperature control unit! You can drink all of my wine if you want, you can even eat the last of my nicest chocolate and have my ice cream if you feel the need. However my temperature control settings are seriously off limits, unless you want to help pay for the oil I have to refill the tank with. So when it’s going to be especially gelid, I simply move the space furnace from my room into the living room area. It actually has a remote, so they can simply turn it up if they feel nippy, separate from running through my oil furnace tank.

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