When our youngster decided he wanted a pet, I had expected he would have picked something similar to a hamster or maybe a rabbit. But no, I took him to the store and he wanted to get a dragon. Not a ferret or anything even remotely similar with fur, however a bearded dragon. On the one hand, I was pretty glad about this! I’ve had bearded dragons when I was a youngster, before I started a family. These lizards can easily live for a long time if you take good care of them, and they’re pretty easy as far as reptiles go, however unlike the tropical geckos, they don’t really need a humidifier to keep the environment at the proper levels of moisture, nor do they have the pickiest of diets. They’re also are rather tame and calm, so they’re superb for youngsters to handle. The only concern is the heat. A bearded dragon lives in the desert, and even with a heat lamp for him to sun in, our dwelling was not being heated high enough to keep him delighted. So, I told our little boy we could keep him, however for now he would have to be in the family room for the first few weeks. When I took him home, I set up his tank right next to the radiator for the central gas furnace. This way he gets the heat right when it’s produced without waiting. In several weeks, I’ll have my bonus and we can install the Heating and A/C zone control in our son’s bedroom environment. Then he can be around his little dragon as much as he wants.

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