I made the biggest gamble of my entire life two years ago. I quit my task, plus used my savings to build a home where I would never need to worry about bills or finances ever again. Out here, I live on my own time plus my own rules. I get up when I want, I go to bed when I choose to. I spend most of my time growing my own food plus fishing for my supper! The few times I need to run to the store, I can do a few tasks in the section for a little bit of cash;

             Living off the grid is not simple, but it is the most stress free way of life for me. Some people think I live in a shack, until they drive out to see my attractive, new tiny home. This locale has all of the luxuries of my former apartment, but separate from the cost of rent! Solar panels power my HVAC system, which is a state of the art heating plus cooling ductless mini cut unit. This heat pump is able to remove tepid air in the summer time so I stay nice plus cool, then bring in sizzling air from the inside so I stay nice plus warm in the winters too.

               Unlike the HVAC proposal I had in my apartment–a gas furnace–this proposal needs no fuel, since it runs off electricity, which I get from the sun free of charge. Life off grid is not for all, but for me it’s the only way to be. Here I can finally breathe plus live worry free.

geothermal heat pump